Who we are

We are a new, full stack tech firm dedicated in bringing high tech solutions to the edge.
This means bringing cutting edge technology to the edge of connectivity. This democratizes
technology and data bringing valuable information to those who need it to the most.
Because of this, we build our tools on open and free hardware/software and look to
collaborate with other like minded firms.

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Our expertise

Our team has a broad variety of expertise and experience in a diverse set of domains.
What brings us together is our passion for bring our skills to the
development sector.

  • Tech for Agriculture

    Experience with remote sensing for: crop yield estimation, forest lost due to agriculture, and vegitation detection.

  • Pest Management

    Supported field surveys with data analysis and visualizations including contributions to reports and briefings of senior government officials.

  • Humanitarian Response

    Mapped for various humanitarian and disaster responses, engaged communites to crowd source data and have applied a variety of statistical analysis to assist in responses.

  • Urban Ecology

    Designed and created mobile data collection survey for tree counts.

If any of this seems relvant to you and your organization please reach out! No project is too big, too small, or too out of the box.